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When I left India and returned home after 5.5 years, I was fresh out of undergrad. Everyone including me kept thinking that the next logical step was to get a job and put my engineering degree to use.

It’s not quite true that I was a fresh undergrad when I…

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“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears or understanding” — Hermes Trismegistus

An error in judgment and following backlash that befalls many who go down the path of spiritual awakening is possibly a result of violating the quote above.

I first learned about the new age teachings…

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Matters of the heart are quite simple in that you always know what you want. Complications come from trying to reconcile those desires with your values.

I guess I have always known that there was no escaping and making my heart turn away from this one. …

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When examining factors that contribute to the inequalities in nations, it is easy to think that money allocation in jobs is one of the biggest contributors to the inequality alongside things like race or any form of ranked system.

Many people also point out that government policies are the other…

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Aren’t you fed up with all the self-development articles? After all, they all seem to repeat the same thing, at the very least. Also, most of them offer advice that just doesn’t work.

There’s truly nothing as frustrating as trying to find a solution to your problem and being bombarded…

James Ssekamatte

Artist, Engineer and human on the journey of health wealth Love and happiness

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