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But I don’t even know whether they have any system or criteria I can use

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I love simplicity and progress. I thrive in those environments. When people talk about the dangers of workaholism I secretly hope none of that is true because it is only through work that I find channels to organize my life and get some worthwhile meaning out of it.

This desire…

I only have to hope that true expression is never lost because that is where the actual self-help takes place

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Look around you. How much of your life are you willing to share with the world and how much of that is worth sharing with the world?

A lot more people would be writing but in artistic expression, writing is the uncool sibling of photo, audio, and video. …

Lessons that helped me gain progress after 7 years of constant failure and no progress

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2021 was an amazing year for me because it feels like every experience good or bad gave me an opportunity to either reach new milestones or get new lessons.

It was the year I finally made what I can consider a stable income online without the need of finding a…

Exploring the normalized child abuse in African societies and extended families

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My country has a popular TV station called Bukedde that presents a news segment called Agataliiko Nfuufu. This segment is mostly about the extremes that happen in our country daily.

Therefore you tune in and you’ll be met with the most traumatic experiences or the most ridiculous. …

Ideas that will help shape your life for the better

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  1. Unproductive hours quickly become unproductive days and eventually turn into unproductive months and years if you allow your focus and resolve to weaken.
  2. You’ll always meet interesting and helpful people during the process of becoming the best version of yourself.
  3. Learn to say no more often because some people feel…

A certain amount of stress can be energizing but prolonged periods of stress are not good for you and they should be avoided as best you can

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In the past year, I have been pushing myself slightly harder than normal most especially in my writing journey as I struggle to find my voice as a writer.

Like most writers, I have had my very bad months and some good ones. I have also brushed shoulders with burnout…

Explorations of being a basement dweller.

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One of the most hard-hitting insults that can be hurled at you as an adult is to be called a basement dweller.

This term does not specifically target people who live in basements when it is used as an insult.

I find it commonly used to call out people who…

James Ssekamatte

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